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Picnic + Wine Boutique in Door County, WI

Welcome to The Ginger House! We are happy you're here. Come on in, take a peek at the treasures we've collected throughout the world, and grab a picnic basket to enjoy in the courtyard, one of our tables, a sail boat, your bathtub, or wherever the day takes you!

I'm Ginger - owner + founder of The Ginger House. I fell head over heels for Door County and knew I wanted to have a unique space here. Door County is known for it's sunsets, cherry pie, boating, and a simple life feel.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world for everyone. We've tried to make something good out of this and highlight the things we won't forget to implement in our lives going forward.


We're envisioning music in the courtyard, backgammon tournaments, art, tango dance classes... and much more! Take a look at our event schedule to see our current offerings!


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I want to say thank you to my dear friend Debbie who is an incredible decorator from New Orleans and who was instrumental in helping me get started. Thank you Debbie!

Follow us on Instagram @thegingerhousedcw

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