Giving Back

Whenever a basket is purchased, 10% of the proceeds are used for books, pens, colors, clothing etc. for the Art Village in Ghana. 

The Ginger House is also proud to carry unique treasures that make a social impact like the following businesses below:


Sapana has aligned with She Has Hope which is a charitable organization that works to rescue slavery victims from traffickers and to rehabilitate survivors with the goal of restoring them to a life full of hope through trade schools and entrepreneurial development programs.

The Ginger House is also proud work with other organizations like the following:


The mission of Feed Your Friends, Inc. Africa, is to provide financial assistance to struggling families in Ghana Africa so their children can go to school. Their vision is to break the cycle of poverty and dependency through formal education, and practical trades training. 

In order to achieve the mission, they have partnered with a trained local social worker in Ghana Africa. He works with poor, homeless, street-connected children, the youth, and their families. He finds institutions and individuals willing to lend a hand to underserved poor families.


Please join Feed Your Friends Inc. Africa, in our efforts to break the cycle of poverty and dependency. 

You can give directly via Venmo @Anjanette-schlemmer