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Giving Back

Whenever a basket is purchased, 10% of the proceeds are used for books, pens, colors, clothing etc. for the children of the Art Village in Ghana. 

The Ginger House is also proud to carry unique treasures that make a social impact like the following businesses below:


Sapana has aligned with She Has Hope which is a charitable organization that works to rescue slavery victims from traffickers and to rehabilitate survivors with the goal of restoring them to a life full of hope through trade schools and entrepreneurial development programs.

The Ginger House is also proud to work with other organizations like the following:


The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance supports initiatives that:

  • Develop and implement conservation and wildlife propagation strategies, including strategies to combat poaching;

  • Develop and implement holistic wildlife conservation solutions with and involving indigenous communities;

  • Provide financial, material and tactical support to antipoaching groups and

  • Increase awareness and acceptance of the value of maintaining diverse wildlife populations”

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