What you can expect to find

Explore unique treasures we carry at The Ginger House!

You can find a little bit of everything from around the world to local businesses, here in the heart of Door County, WI. 

The Ginger House carries an assortment of picnic items from cheeses, chocolate, spirits, and wine!

Events at The Ginger House

Music on Thursdays starting at  4:30

Wine Tastings: check back for dates

Yoga: check back for dates

Game Nights: check back for dates

Take a look at our picnic baskets

Grab one of our themed baskets, fill it with some unique treasures and enjoy a picnic on our lawn


For the couples enjoying their honeymoon or a much-deserved getaway in Door County.

Girls just want to have fun! Grab this basket for a girls' weekend or when friends just want to get together. Let the good times roll!

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler


A basket that emulates the perfect way to say thank you, show gratitude, a host gift, and more!


WELCOME! This basket can encompass many things but is a wonderful way to show your open arms and heart to your guests.

Danke Schoen


Baskets items vary due to availability during the year but here are some items we regularly carry:


Door County Creamery

DC Chocolates

Sweet Mountain Farm honey from Washington Island

Nueske’s Summer Sausage

Potters crackers

(And plenty more)

To place an order for a basket please call
The Ginger House and we will get it ready for pick-up

*basket items may change depending on item availability during the year