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Our Makers

We are honored to work with this craftsmanship to bring the world to your doorstep. Our international partnerships are not only about sharing beautiful products but also about making a positive impact. A portion of our proceeds goes towards supporting communities worldwide, fostering sustainability, and promoting fair trade practices. 

Alex, Handmade Baskets

Alex was born in Bolgatanga, where the exquisite straw baskets are crafted by Alex's extended family. Alex's family, skilled artisans, diligently fashion these baskets exclusively for The Ginger House.

Each basket is meticulously customized for The Ginger House with Alex’s leather work that adds a touch of individuality. 


Jolie, Sapana Dreams

Joile draws her designs from the vibrant hues and intricate patterns of traditional Himalayan blankets, Jolie’s designs weave together a story of heritage and craftsmanship.  


Glenda,  Maki Warmi

One of the relationships we’ve developed during our travels is one with Maki Warmi in Argentina.

We’re proud to offer their beautiful blankets, crafted by skilled Argentine weavers who honor centuries-old traditions. These artisans’ professionalism and dedication are evident in every piece they create.

Maki Warmi, meaning “woman’s hands” in Quichua, celebrates the women who preserve this ancient craft. 

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Joseph, Handmade Jewelry 

Joseph, a young orphan residing in Acura, Ghana, caught the attention of a compassionate group of flight attendants during their layovers. Empowered by their desire to make a difference, they established a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the children at the orphanage. Recognizing the importance of education and self-sufficiency, Joseph was enrolled in a bead school, equipping him with valuable skills for his future. The fruits of his labor are the exquisite beads that he creates today.


Abu, Handmade Jewelry

We met Abu at the Art Village. A native of Northern Ghana, he was stricken with polio at five years old which left him disabled. Because of this, he began a career as a metalsmith. He crafts jewelry from copper and defunct Ghana currency. The Ginger House is proud to carry Abu’s beautiful work and support his journey as an artist.


Katie, Katie Kime

It all began in 2013, when Katie Kime started making prints for furniture, clothing and stationery. Before she knew it, her creative passion had fledged into a print-based design studio in Austin, Texas. Today, our business is still guided by Katie’s vibrant approach to dressing both herself and her home. Bringing color, whimsy and a sense of humor to the most functional, everyday pieces, our products are traditional ware meets colorful, modern prints — always optimistic, bright, and unexpected.

We are proud to carry Door County Toile Pajamas by Katie Kime, made exclusively for The Ginger House.

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